In its long publication, which includes 700 chapters and 72 volumes, Naruto He gave the world of anime and manga several scenes that have become classic. The epic nature of the first battle against Zabuza, the Chunin tournament with historic clashes like the one between Rock Lee and Gaara, the pursuit of Sasuke, the fight against Pain and many others.

The manga certainly didn't manage to keep the quality very high until the end, but even in the last few volumes, Masashi Kishimoto has created several great scenes that have remained in history. One of them is related to Maito Gai, Master of Rock Lee and one of the strongest Taijutsu users in the world of Naruto. His martial arts peak when he uses the power of the eight chakra doors and especially unlocks the last one.

A Naruto fan asked about the dedicated SubReddit that remembered the moment Gai realizes that only Taijutsu can have a chance to block Madara Uchiha's advance during the fourth great ninja war. Master's grin has gone viral, as you can see below, with over 10,000 positive votes in one day.

As you will remember, after a few cartoons Maito Gai uses the eight chakra gates without saving and ready to throw away his life to slow down or kill Madara. Let's move from the end to the beginning of the manga, with a Naruto statuette that reminds us of what it was like when he hadn't yet officially passed the Ninja Academy exam.

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