Will the attack of the giants end with the death of Eren Jaeger?

The attack of the giants has asked readers several questions since the beginning of Zeitsprung. The roles have changed, even the situations and the whole world, which has expanded dramatically after the discoveries in that little basement in Shiganshina.

And at the center of everything has always been Eren Jaeger, a protagonist who had his flaws but now more than ever does everything to achieve his goal, even with brutal methods. In fact, we saw the death march in Attack of the Giants with the last chapters: the colossal giants were activated by Eren and Ymir and bring destruction and ruin to all of humanity.

With the Chapter 133 of the attack of the giants We saw again what Eren wants to do, who also let his friends know that he won't stop while he's breathing. This forces Armin, Mikasa and the others to have to kill Eren if they want to stop the march of the colossal giants. Even considering Marley and the rest of the world have launched their own offensive, the question is legitimate: Eren Jaeger will die at the end of the manga?

Obviously, the exact answer has not yet been given, although some theories based on the last page of the manga that Hajime Isayama showed months ago seem able to answer the question. However, given what has happened so far, it cannot be ruled out that there is Twist that leads to the death of Eren Jaeger in the hands of one of his friends, maybe Armin or Mikasa.

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