Black Clover 268 tells the tragic story of two characters

The world of Black clover certainly not the best. Dead and wounded, ruin and destruction are always around the corner given the power of certain characters. Add to this the ruthlessness of some people and some irrefutable realities such as the nature of other types of living beings.

Asta knows what it is like to be discriminated against due to his utter inability to use magic. In fact, for seemingly inexplicable reasons, the protagonist doesn't even have a drop of mana. But his condition doesn't seem unique, as illustrated in Chapter 268 of Black Clover.

While he is training with the devil, the devil falls into you Flashback shows his sad story. In the hellish world he was born into, he was the last on the ladder due to his complete absence of magic. Beaten every day, he was thrown as a game against the barrier that separated his world from the human, and miraculously managed to cross it without harm. After a difficult start, meeting a young woman, Licita, completely kills his vision of the world.

The two live together and love is brought up as if he were the woman's birth child. Unfortunately the appearance of Lucifer, one of the strongest demons, causes the woman's death and the seal of love in the magic book with five petals, which Asta will receive many years later.

The heartwarming Black Clover Flashback ends with Love that goes wild and reveals that it wants to kill every devil and for this he is also ready to own the body of the protagonist of Black Clover. Licita could also be Asta's mother.

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