The new story arc of Dragon Ball Super It starts with style and opens the door to a number of really fascinating possible developments. The Saiyan race will indeed be a very hot topic for our heroes who will soon face a new threat that hides an extremely deep hatred.

The first spoilers of Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super focused mostly on characterizing Granolah, a certain person whose race was exterminated 40 years ago after a Saiyajin invasion under the direct order of freezer. What actually connects the Cerelean with the legendary prince, whose past seems to come back to the surface after training with Beerus.

The God of Destruction reveals to Vegeta that what he wants to learn from him is closely related to what the Saiyans did on the orders of Freeza. However, the prince does not accuse the emperor of evil, but his father, who in the pursuit of his ambitions did not hesitate to ally himself with such a dangerous being. In a way, it seems that way Vegeta runs away from his responsibilityfrom his role as prince, which he might notice at the time of the confrontation with Granolah, who hatches a lot of it instead of hatred. This could be a great opportunity for the authors to give Vegeta more space and a new psychological development to characterize himself.

As for you, how do you think the connection between Granolah and Vegeta will develop? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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