Following the recent events of the Guardians of the Galaxy team members, we would like to draw your attention to a new series dedicated to the famous cartoon characters that will introduce one of the following most famous villains of the Marvel stories.

In fact, from April the number 13 is de Guardians of the Galaxywho promote famous characters on comic book sites and who interact with Marvel movies Doctor downfall. At the end of the news you will see a promotional image where you can see a quick preview of the covers of the work designed by Brett Booth in which the Guardians of the Galaxy along with Hulkling, Wiccan, Doctor Doom, Marvel Boy, Quasar and many others.

The series was conceived by Al Ewing while the illustrations were edited by Juan Frigeri. So here is the author's comment: "One of them is not like the others, he does not feel very comfortable in this environment. What is Doctor Doom doing to the others ... and why is he there? There is only one way to find outAt this time we do not know when the volumes will be available in Italy. In the meantime, we recommend another series dedicated to The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Guardians of the Galaxy focused on Star Lord and inspired by spy novels.

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