Even without the recently packaged remake of Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII remains one of the most popular video games of the genre. Years later, passionate gamers perfectly remember the story of Cloud Strife and its rivalry with Sephiroth, with the duo surrounded by many equally important characters.

Indeed, as one forgets all the other Midgar characters: there's the boss of Avalanche Barret Wallace, the cheerful Aerith Gainsborough, and also the seemingly determined but shy and insecure Tifa Lockhart. The latter is another of the characters most loved by Final Fantasy VII fans and is the focus of many cosplay games.

Over the months since the Final Fantasy VII RemakeWe saw Tifa Lockhart come to life with creations of various models. In addition, there is a very special version recently created by Helly Valentine, also known as Disharmonica. The cosplayer posted a photo of her on Instagram that showed us one Tifa Lockhart in a very special and imaginative lingerie try to emulate a bunny girl outfit. The photo is available in the post below, which has already garnered over 20,000 likes, and it is sure to catch the Seventh Heaven audience too, who already love the cocktails made by Tifa.

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Contributed by Helly Valentine: Cosplay Model (@disharmonica)

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