The sixth volume of Batman: Urban Legends has devastated the community. Throughout the story, Robin, aka Tim Drake, admits to himself that he is bisexual, a message that is not exactly welcomed by fandom. Concerning this comes the official press release from DC Comics.

After saving his Bernard from the chaos monsters, Tim Drake comes out and invites his friend on a first date. This change, in the opinion of the community, came out of nowhere and has nothing to do with the character's true identity. L 'Robin's sexual orientation therefore it would only have been changed to come closer to a "false seriousness" that has nothing to do with the world of comics.

Tim Drake's bisexuality, however, was confirmed by DC Comics, who is represented by Alex Jaffe, spoke about the character. β€œTim Drake goes out with boys. In fact, you've probably been waiting for this moment for a long time. But for the uninitiated, let me explain. "

From what Jaffe revealed, this revelation is only now being made as the nation was before mostly homophobic and he would never accept the bisexuality of a superhero like Robin. The true sexual nature of Tim Drake has therefore been hidden all along to avoid scandals.

Robin's story and relationship with Bernard will continue in Batman: Urban Legends # 10, to be released December 2021. As the month of Robin approached, we discovered that Dick Grayson wasn't the first Boy Wonder.

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