Thanks to the bond he has with Pochita, Denji was hired by public security. However, his life as a devil hunter did not start without problems. The headache for the protagonist is only at the beginning: it is the agreement that is made in the fifth episode chainsaw man which puts him in danger.

In Chainsaw Man 1x05, poor Denji is being manipulated due to his obsession with women. Disappointed with Power's breast groping, the boy thinks that from then on all his desires will prove to be terrible dissatisfaction. When he confronts Makima, who realizes something is wrong with him, he falls victim to a shady trap. Seduced by the girl he is madly in love with, he allows himself to be persuaded and signs a special agreement: Denji will face the Devil Gun and then he can ask Makima for anything he wants in return.

But why did Denji fall into the trap? The Pistol Devil is a terribly powerful being that killed a million and a half people around the world in just five minutes. From that moment on, the devil disappeared from circulation, but he left parts of himself that attract like magnets. By making a big pile of Devil Gun pieces, they can lead Denji to Devil Gun. But can the Chainsaw Man ever hold his own against an enemy as powerful as the monster that brought about the end of Aki's family? The hunt begins in Chainsaw Man 1x05, but it looks more like it at the moment Death Sentence for Denji.

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