The current status of Power of Tomura Shigaraki it's off the charts. Not even Number One Endeavor seems to be able to trouble the young villain, nobody but a single hero. Let's find out the identity of the only one who can stop his excessive power.

The one from Dr. Experiments conducted by Garaki were a success. Although the All for one infusion process interrupted long before completion, Tomura Shigaraki has awakened with the legacy of the evil symbol of fear. Not only has his decay become even more destructive and precise, Tomura has also gained other quirks and a self-regenerating factor that even allows him to emerge from the flames of Endeavor unscathed.

No hero can match Shigaraki's strength who does not take blows. However, his powers suddenly disappear when erasers make eye contact with him. The Yuei High School professor is the only one who can reveal Tomura's weak points, who therefore sees him as the only real threat to counter.

When he finally manages to get close to Eraserhead to use the decay to turn him to dust in My Hero Academia 6x07, however, Shigaraki is stopped by Izuku Midoriya, who intervenes with Bakugo at the last second to defend his teacher. Can the trio of Aizawa, Deku and Kacchan hold off Tomura's threat? We say goodbye to the trailer of My Hero Academia 6x08.

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