Thanks to the debut of the anime adaptation, Spy x Family is the most resounding success of this year 2022. The The Forger family has won everyone's heartexcept that of a person. Does author Tatsuya Endo hate the characters he created himself?

The manga series Spy x Family has broken the wall of 26 million copies in circulation, a number that few other works can match. The success of the work is mainly due to the protagonist trio Loid, Yor and especially Anya. The Forger family is indeed quirky and charismatic, able to entertain but at the same time inspire. However, it seems that there are those who do not fully appreciate it.

In an interview published not too long ago Tatsuya Endo said he didn't like his characters, which causes a stir. However, these words of his have been twisted and taken out of context as the author never actually said such a thing.

During a lighthearted chat between Endo and his editors, the mangaka revealed that before Spy x Family he always drew "ugly" protagonists. He reluctantly lost that habit when he had to draw Loid Forger, a character who was required to have an attractive appearance by direct request. because he couldn't draw the character the way he wantedsaid the sensei that he doesn't really appreciate it.

However, the author's statement never had a serious tone, but was always joking and never concerned Anya and Yor. So Endo he absolutely does not hate his protagonists as the community wrongly believed. And what do you think of Loid, Yor and Anya?

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