As we have been anticipating for the past few days, the author of One-Punch Man ONE will debut Versus, a new manga published in the magazine Shōnen Sirius by Kodansha. A great comeback for the mangaka, this is after Mob Psycho 100 released in the distant 2012 had not tried to write new works.

To the project versus the designer participated together with ONE Kyotaro Azuma, responsible for drawing the crazy fights narrated by the master. Because Versus, at least according to the first rumors, seems to be very similar to a work One punch man: 47 of the world's strongest heroes must challenge a team of demons chosen by the Demon Lord.

Versus will make its debut on 11/26 on Shōnen Siriusand as we can see from @tweetsmooth leaks The cover of the magazine is dedicated to two characters from the opera. The bizarre couple has all the traits of the ONE characters we've come to love: while on one side we find a warrior with a sword on his shoulder, next to him is a little pink devil with fairy wings, antennae and a pig's nose. The classic ideal of a hero and the madness of a genius author.

Versus Debut Coming Soon: What Are Your Expectations for the New ONE Manga? In the meantime, we leave you with the 5 Bizarre Details About Saitama's Strength in One-Punch Man.

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