Star Comics: “Dinner with the Witch” arrives, unique volume with the stories of Rumiko Takahashi

Rumiko Takahashi during his long career has published many historical works. From Lamù to Inuyasha, from Ranma 1/2 to Rinne and now the very recent MAO, the mangaka has always been active. But besides long stories, Takahashi has also published self-contained chapters and now some of them will arrive in Italy thanks to Star Comics.

The Perugia publishing house has communicated to the readers and fans of Rumiko Takahashi that the single booklet "At Dinner with the Witch" will arrive from October. Recently published in Japan compared to other older works, the volume published by Star Comics will collect six unpublished stories published on Big Comic Original between 2012 and 2017.

The first story in this volume will be Majo to Dinner, which can be translated just like "A dinner with the witch" and which therefore gives its name to the collection. The remaining five stories will be:

  • Yamashii Dekigoto
  • Shineba Ii no ni
  • Futeikei Family
  • (Hi) Renaissance
  • Watashi no Sky

Star Comics also communicated the arrival of MAO in Italy, while in the publisher's catalog there are already other unmissable volumes of the author such as The Red Bouquet, Unmei no Tori - The birds of destiny, Kagami ga Kita - Lo Specchio. Other information about Dinner with the Witch will come in the coming months.

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