The world of quirks is quite varied and each person has their own. Although the owner can succeed, up to a certain limit, in making its characteristics flexible, the fact remains that however each quirk of My Hero Academia it is bound by certain laws. And this creates the presence of fundamental combinations.

For example, Tokoyami is weak against light-generating quirks as we discovered during the Yuei Sports Festival. What are those powers in My Hero Academia that can bypass Tomura Shigaraki's new power?

The "decay" quirk until recently worked only within close range of Shigaraki and only if the boy pressed his five fingers on the target. Now, however, the effect spreads far and wide as we saw against Re-Destro and in the last chapter of My Hero Academia. Already from the last scenes we have been able to discover that those who fly, like Ryukyu, have a natural immunity to quirk, at least until Shigaraki is within reach of touch.

In the following pages they are also seen Wash, whose quirk uses bubbles to levitate objects and people, and Pixie-Bob do everything to avoid the expansion of the decay. If there were no problems with the first, however, Wild Wild Pussycats seems to have problems with its handling of the terrain. Will another of the heroes die?

Certainly Nana Shimura's quirk, levitation, will come into play for Deku. The protagonist will be able to exploit it immediately for counter Shigaraki?

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