ONE PIECE: Is King alone or is there another member of his race?

The world of ONE PIECE is rich and varied. We have known not only people with a varied character but also different races: giants, dwarfs, men fish and much more. There are still many islands to explore and therefore secrets and information to discover, but much of the attention of the fans is directed to thehypothetical race of King, Kaido's right arm.

We made King's acquaintance during this arc of Wanokuni. He immediately presents himself as one of the strongest men in Kaido, perhaps the strongest ever after his captain, and is large with a black suit, a mask and two large black wings. It is also capable of transforming into a pterodactyl and, according to Big Mom, belongs to one of the rarest breeds in the world of ONE PIECE and one of the few not to be in Totland.

Waiting to find out more, some fans have noticed the similarity between the wings of King and those of another character from the world of ONE PIECE, or Magellan. The former director of Impel Down at the time must not have looked peculiar with his demonic appearance. However, much more could be hidden behind, since those bat wings could indicate the belonging to some breed. A detail that seems to be missing from King could be the horns, although with the mask he may have managed to hide them.

At first glance, King's wings seem feathered, but the completely black body does not allow you to see the details perfectly. Furthermore, there have often been connections between King and Shiryu and, therefore, Impel Down. You think there may be some bond between King and Magellan, perhaps as belonging to a demonic race? Soon we will be able to see King also in the anime, given that the voiceovers of the ONE PIECE episodes have resumed. For the manga, however, Oda took a momentary pause.

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