It only took a few chapters to shine Star and stripes, Heroine who first appeared in the first My Hero Academia film, but has now become canonical and also important to Kohei Horikoshi's manga. His challenge is one of the most difficult and My Hero Academia 332 continue with his in-depth study.

Soldier, she has always trained with her team, but always thought that because she is a woman, she cannot hold a greater strength. However, as their teammates point out, the New Order is already a very powerful quirk, even if it has some weaknesses, and in terms of super strength, it is already powerful enough, if not as strong as All Might. Star and Stripe looks back on these moments with his group with nostalgia and joywho also supports them in the presence of My Hero Academia. Shigaraki uses her power to withstand the laser when she senses the American preparing for a new attack and making a bet.

Star and Stripe begins the missile maneuver abandoning the lasers and exploiting them with the atmosphere begins preparing an ICBM strike. A black figure emerges from the seabed in full force, hit by airplanes. Star and Stripe impacts cause an explosion that can also be seen from the seas of Japan as Endeavor watches the water move, revealing a hole. A Shigaraki emerges from this hole and almost dies, but still full of energy. During the flight it regenerates and uses the aircraft as support, while Star and Stripe is still helpless in the air.

The Nomu explodes and breaks the formation of the aircraft while Shigaraki with the All for One spirit comes from Star and Stripe and touches her face. My Hero Academia will return next week with the outcome of the battle.

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