The power of the Ten-Tails was shared by Naruto's ninja world at the beginning of the story. The intervention of the Hermit of the Six Paths was fundamental and from there the cercoteri or bijuu came to life in the original language. These creatures will form an important piece of the future world, Influence on the life of the protagonist Naruto and not only.

Those who have seen the power of the finder seal in themselves are called the supporting force, or in Japanese jinchuuriki. We know many in Naruto, but there are nine in particular that are added during the plot. So let's see me Naruto's nine Jinchuuriki from weakest to strongest.

Last position for Gaara del Deserto, Bearer of the Ichibi and Kazekage of the sand village. The boy does not know how to control his creature, which, on the contrary, often weakens him mentally and physically due to insomnia and craving for blood. Although the problems have subsided over the years, the Ichibi will never work with Gaara, making him the weakest jinchuuriki in the group.

Then follows Roshi, the supporting force of the Tetracoda. The ninja knows how to use the art of lava and thus masters the characteristic property of his own cercoterios as well as the ability to conjure up some tails with the animal's chakra cloak. In seventh place is Utakata, Saikens Container Shinobi, six-tailed beast. The character appears in the fillers of the anime but not in the manga, but this still allowed us a look at his excellent skills based on manipulating chakra and acid bubbles.

Sixth place for Han, Jinchuriki from the five-tailed viewfinder. Han is one of the strongest shinobi in the Village of the Rock, who distinguished himself during the Third Ninja War and then received the knowledge of the art of steam. This, coupled with an almost complete mastery of his animal, led him to become one of the strongest ninja in the Taijutsu branch. Fifth place for Fuu, the girl from the waterfall village owned by Choei, Heptacoda. The girl knows how to partially exploit her seeker's abilities by growing a pair of wings, but she is fatal even without them, thanks to all her techniques.

Fourth place for Nii Yugito, Mistress of bicoda who is able to fully master. Equipped with a great tactical instinct, she faced the two Akatsuki immortals alone after luring them into a trap. The ninja is also adored by Killer Bee, who appreciates all of her skills. Third place for Yagura, former Mizukage from the Village of Mist and the one who has been referred to as the perfect Jinchuriki. From a young age he knew how to control the beast, combining his truly terrifying mirror techniques.

Second place for Killer Bee, Owner of Gyoki. Bee has a very special relationship with the eight-tailed bull, and this synergy has made him a very dangerous Jinchuuriki in every way. First place for the protagonist Naruto Uzumakiwho had many problems with Kurama and always won against divine opponents.

Only the Kyuubi could have another supporting force in the future, given the events portrayed in Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations.

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