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Chapter 4: "The Door to the Past"

The fourth installment of Hanyo no Yashahime focuses on the preparations and the journey of the three half-demon princesses into the Japanese Middle Ages. Towa has decided to accompany Moroha and Setsuna into feudal times in order to regain the memories of the latter. After the preparations are complete, they say goodbye to the Higurashi family with a promise to return. However, to get through, they have made a deal with the Roothead Demon and are trapped in the tunnel.

The Tree of Ages takes on the appearance of Kikyo and puts the devil to sleep in order to speak to the three young women. He asks her to kill the demon animal Kirinmaru and defeat his father Sesshomaru, but the young women refuse. Then the Roothead Demon awakens and you have to confront him to enter the feudal era. However, how will they return to the 21st century when they are defeated?

Analysis: eddies and eddies

If we were to draw global conclusions, we would say that the fourth chapter of Hanyo no YashahimeAbove all, it was a whirlwind of secrets and answers. I refer to the analogy of a vortex not only in relation to the time tunnel, but because every little puzzle solved or with a suggested answer opens a whirlwind, a vortex of new questions. So many others get us caught in answering a question.

The mechanism of intrigue always keeps the viewer attentive, especially for fans of the classic saga. I have to emphasize, however, that I sometimes miss a little restraint and especially worry that they will repeat or express old stories like the spiritual path of Sesshomaru. I think I'm not the only one who gets some "anger" thinking about what excuse he'll use for raising Moroha without Kagome, or why the group of friends broke up so much that their children didn't know more! everyone! There are too many holes and only one episode a week ...

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All in all, the chapter managed to reinforce our intrigues, develop the character of the three girls a little more and give us tender moments, especially with Papa Sota and Towa.

Well it's Rin ...

It appears that Hanyo no Yashahime has chosen a plot about the time involved in Sesshomaru himself and his personal drama with his daughters and Rin. Much in favor of anything to focus on this complex and wonderful character, I just hope they know how to give him a refreshing new twist and not an involution of the goodness he had already received.

That Rin would be the mother of both girls was rain with a sky full of gray clouds. I have to admit, however, that there is part of this development that doesn't quite suit me. That is, the story of Rin and Sesshoumaru plays out when she is an innocent child. That's why I always thought that I loved her deeply more fatherly and that no matter how mature she was, a love relationship would be complicated in the future. My wrong idea, I'm trying to overcome this limitation in order to focus on the charm of the plot.

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A sleeping beauty sleeps in the Tree of Ages, and Sesshomaru's shadow touches and emphasizes the intrigue. It was very sad to see her sleep like that.

A request to the half-demon princesses and other moments

Hanyo no Yashahime was very subtle in this fourth episode. The answers he throws raise further questions and the rest are suggestions. The Tree of Ages foretells the future and tells of the close relationship between Kirinmaru and Sesshomaru, indicating that they are going the same wrong path or desire; I mean, Sesshoumaru is interested in flipping time? Does it have to do with Rin?

The suggestions don't stop there; they're peppered and hidden throughout the chapter from start to finish. For example, Moroha admits that she doesn't really or barely knows her mother Kagome.

It is also of mandatory interest to observe the relationship of the three protagonists to the 21st century. Setsuna and Moroha adapt quickly, using artistic and picaresque skills, while Towa has to adapt to the dangers of feudal times. Defeating the Roothead Demon, his power, confirms his ability.

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Hanyo no Yashahime it uses the use of the suggestion and the answer as the new focus of doubt. New secrets after Rin's confirmation as Setsuna and Towa's mother. What happened in the past that these three young women grew up separated from their parents and with little knowledge of their own origins? Where are Inuyasha and Kagome ?!

On the other hand, it offers us tender moments to say goodbye. Papa Sota's calm and friendly manner reminds us of his mother who advised Kagome in the past. Despite all adversities, for me little Mei is the one who produced Kagome's character.


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