In the last parts of the story told in avenger The phoenix has begun the search for a new host for their powers. Although the tournament created for the occasion has not ended, a hero, Wolverine, performed the role of the Burning Bird.

In number 42, the clashes continued to reach the top step of the podium and receive the coveted powers. Among those who have had to withdraw are Echo and Shang-Chi, defeated by Namor and Captain America respectively. However, now one of the many fighters has explained his reasons why he would be best placed to boast of the new force.

In the empty room where the participants land at the end of each fight, there was a discussion about who should receive the powers of the phoenix. Special wolverine claimed that, despite the flamboyant bird, it attracts many fighters has a price to payand in many cases he saw the sad outcome. He later gave some examples: the massacre of Rachel's family, the dark form of Jeannie, and the sacrifice of Hope's childhood. It is for this very reason that the mutant then claims to be the right person to gain the authority, since it is their job take the blows to the pot of good people.

Later the hero is shown in the costume of Phoenix As you can see in the picture at the bottom of the news.

We then go back and ask who will be the real winner of the tournament that is taking place on the Avengers website. We recently speculated that it could have been a woman. I also remember one major hero refusing to join the Avengers group.

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