While viewers enjoy the hottest anime season ever at Anime NYC Crunchyroll has unveiled its winter 2023 schedule. Starting next January will see the premieres of two highly anticipated romcom anime, Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro 2nd Attack and Tomo-chan Is a Girl!.

From November 18th to 20th, the US city of New York hosted a major anime convention sponsored by crispy roll. During the big event, the streaming platform started with presentations for the 2023 winter season.

Crunchyroll's offering expands in January with the debut of Don't play with me Miss Nagatoro 2nd attack, the second season of the comedy about poor tormented senpai. This new date with Nagatoro brings with it several new features. The anime is actually being produced by a new animation studio, OLM, and a new director, Shinji Ushiro. However, fans can rest easy because, as we can see from the trailer for Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro 2nd Attack, the style of the animations will not differ much from the debut season.

Another great novelty in Crunchyroll's winter 2023 program will be the debut of the Tomo-chan Is a Girl! anime. This piece of life comedy adapts the Manga written and drawn by Fumita Yanagida Jun tells the story of Tomo and his confession of love. However, the latter is so obtuse that he does not understand the girl's feelings.

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