Akira Toriyama is best known for dragon ball, the forefather of fighting shonen, the manga (and anime) that defined an era. Not everyone knows that the mangaka also has Dr. Slump and Arale wrote and drew, and even fewer know that he wrote many short comics after Dragon Ball, such as sand land.

This one-volume story, consisting of 14 chapters, was published in Weekly Shonen Jump in the early 2000s Meanwhile, Akira Toriyama had graduated from Dragon Ball for five years. The world has nothing to do with that of his most famous creature and was simply forgotten given the brevity of the work.

Surprisingly, however, he returned: for a few days there had been talk of a project related to Sandland, but nothing was known about it. However, in the last few hours, some more news have surfaced, also thanks to the Weekly Shonen Jump leaks. According to some leakers Sand Land becomes an anime. The first confirmation comes from Shonen Jump News, who previously shared a promotional video about a mysterious project in the desert.

The second confirmation instead comes from DBSHype, site always well documented about everything that revolves around Dragon Ball and its author. That last page showed some images featuring the Sandland characters and the elusive "Sandland Project" arriving in 2023, stating that production was entrusted to Sunrise, Kamikaze Douga and ANIMA Production Studio. While it's not openly mentioned just yet, according to the site, it would be Sand Land anime and not a video game.

The ball now goes to the official sources, who will either confirm or deny the situation on December 17th. Meanwhile, get the Sandland manga review.

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