Fate / Grand OrderThe franchise, which achieved stratospheric success in 2020, will return with a new adaptation after the two films dedicated to the Camelot project and the Babylonia story arc series. Great Temple of Time: Solomon will cover the events of the Final Singularity and trace the history of the famous mobile video game.

Already out Closing lines of the Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia It was clear that the series would move in a precise direction and toward its conclusion, followed by the narrative implications introduced in the Arch of the Great Temple of Solomon’s Time, an adaptation that will debut in Japanese theaters on July 30th, sixth anniversary of the video game's release, as noted in the trailer above and reported in the post below, shared by @ FGOAP_ep7, which also includes the official poster.

The team that made the adaptation is the same as the series dedicated to Babylonia. Indeed, Toshifumi Akai returns in the direction and Kinoko Nasu returns to the script. Nobunaga Shimazaki remains the voice actor for Ritsuka Fujimaruand Rie Takahashi and Ayako Kawasumi for their respective roles as Mash Kyrielight and Fou Kenichi, while Solomon is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita.

Keep in mind that a new trailer for the Camelot Project's second film was also released towards the end of March, and we're leaving you to a lovely Saber cosplay that's ready for summer.

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