Yesterday, with the death of Kentaro Miura, father of BerserkPart of Japanese manga culture has also disappeared, that of an author who wrote the history of a genre and helped create today's true masterpieces like the mythology of dark souls.

The legendary master then leaves behind a global masterpiece, a manga, the future of which now seems uncertain. Yesterday we tried to round up Berserk's future, but maybe a hint put him straight to one of Berserk's assistants Kentaro Miura, Hideki Sugimoto. In fact, through a message posted on his social channels, he would have simply said: "Yes i will do my best""

Obviously, it's a message that can be interpreted in many ways, but it is rumored that the teacher revealed the continuation of the story - or at least the ending - in anticipation of it. It could therefore be that his assistant might be together with GAGA studyPersonally trained by the sensei over time to mimic his trait, take on the serialization of the manga to bring Miura's masterpiece to a close.

Obviously his post could also be a message of strength to take courage and overcome this important grief for the entire manga culture. Anyway The reader support was commendable to say the least Since the thread has been inundated with messages wishing Berserk's father team take their time, whatever they decide. In any case, an official confirmation in this regard will certainly arrive between the pages of in good time Young animals!In this case, we recommend that you take these words as speculation only.

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