Suddenly becoming the strongest warrior in the universe doesn't immediately make someone the best fighter of all time. In reality, both Toyotaro and Akira Toriyama are aware of this detail to the point where readers can identify with in the final chapter of Dragon Ball Super The Granolah Frontier.

DB Super Chapter 72 did a short 18 day time jump, just enough time to a Goku and Vegeta Make all necessary preparations before you meet the mysterious warrior on Planet Cereal. While the Saiyajins clash with the Cereleans, Elec's group can finally implement their plans and go to the Look for the two dragon balls.

Much of the chapter, however, focused on that Fight between Goku and Granolah, the latter showing the protagonist his skills. More specifically, the Cerelean showed them what it was really aware of: speed, Hakai, and maybe even Ultra Instinct. However, he himself has shown his main limitation as he is ignorant of the techniques in question and cannot use them properly or control them to the best of his ability. As we learned from the clash between Goku and Freeza in the film "The resurrection of F.β€œIt is not enough to suddenly become stronger, as experience, training and even defeat are necessary prerequisites for improving one's skills.

At present Granolah is therefore the strongest warrior in the universe by name, and not in fact, and it cannot be ruled out that our hero will then be able to turn the fight in his favor without the same difficulties that he had with Molo would have. And you, what do you think about that? Let us know with a comment below.

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