The wave of success that has swept away Demon Hunter it shows no signs of decrease. After the numerous initiatives started after the noise of the "record breaking" film, this time the Koyoharu Gotoge franchise has entered into a very important partnership with the most important fast food chain in the world.

Although Demon Slayer: Infinity Train is still exclusive to Japan, McDonald's appears to have boarded this wagon as well. The fast food restaurants in Japan will open in March a new set of Happy Meal The focus was on Tanjiro, Nezuko and the other protagonists of the series.

On its official Twitter account, McDonald's Japan gave a first glimpse of what fans of the opera should expect. In the published picture that you can see at the bottom of the article, we see Tanjiro transform yourself into an employee the well-known chain and serve one of their dishes.

At the moment it is not yet clear which surprises will be found in this Happy Meal Set, let alone in this initiative it will land in the west too. Typically, among the "hidden" objects in McDonald's boxes, you'll find plush toys, dolls, and even trading cards, as in the case of these Pokémon.

How would you welcome this opportunity? Meanwhile, Demon Slayer was explained in just 6 minutes. So Demon Slayer should get a live-action adaptation.

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