In 2021, ONE PIECE's Chapter 1000 made its debut, a meaningful number that made Eiichiro Oda one of the few mangaka to achieve such a long publication. however ONE PIECE is also about to reach volume 100, another very important number.

There are still a few days until the publication of this fuel voucher, since Volume 99 of ONE PIECE. But the Shueisha and the Mangaka already have some little surprises for the fans.

Recently, the manga's official report revealed the Cover of ONE PIECE 99 in low resolution, accompanies the picture with the video in which Oda shows how he determined the composition of the cover. The mangaka often changed its mind and then decided on a composition that ONE PIECE Volume 99, Volume 100 and Volume 101 will have a modular structure.

On the picture of volume 99 we see Big Mom, Jinbe, Usopp and a Nico Robin cut on the right. His drawing is continued in the picture of volume 100, where Luffy and Kaido will probably be seen, and then further with the rest of the enemies and the Mugiwara in volume 101. Something similar happened for volumes 21 and 22 of ONE PIECE in which it a conflict between Mugiwara and Baroque came about.

Volume 99 will be available in Japan on June 4th during the Band 100 will arrive in the last quarter of 2021. Volume 101 is expected to be released in early 2022. Chapter 1014 of ONE PIECE, which will be published next week, will also be the last of volume 100 if the current number of chapters per volume is maintained.

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