One Punch Man: big numbers for the manga, 22 million copies in circulation

One hit man is a title that has grown in popularity over the years, largely thanks to two animated seasons that helped boost the popularity of the manga ONE and Yusuke Murata. In fact, to this day, the comic has garnered important successes in terms of sales.

While there is currently no information about a possible third season of One Punch Man, which is largely based on rumors, the duo continue to serialize the manga and the story awaits news from fellow television. In fact, the work has 135 chapters at the time of writing, the last of which was published only a few weeks ago.

In particular, some data on the manga sales were recently leaked in relation to circulating copies of fuel tokens. Overall, considering all 22 volumes of One Punch Man, the work counts There are currently 22 million copies in circulationfor an average of one million per band. Extremely high numbers, with which only a few Japanese comics come up, and which reaffirm the popularity of a title that is increasingly becoming an icon of eastern publishing in the West too.

Instead, what do you think of the new milestone the manga has reached? Did you expect that? As usual, please let us know with a comment below.

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