Attention! This review of Chapter 1 of Munou na Nana contains spoilers. We recommend that you watch the episode first, and then read it again.

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Chapter 1: Talentless

Nakajima Nanao is a student in a very special course. Away from the big cities, a school was built on a small desert island, where future heroes of mankind are trained. Young people with special skills learn to become stronger and ultimately to fight against the so-called "enemies of humanity". But Nanao ... doesn't she have any powers? So begins chapter 1 of Munou na Nana.

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This is the life of Nanao surrounded by overbearing teenagers whose power turns them into deadly weapons. The young man lives as the prey of the ridiculousness and harassment of his classmates because he is an unusual "lacking talent" in this very special school. Nanao's days are always like this, but everything changes when two new students join the class: Onodera Kyoya and Hiiragi Nana.

Kyoya and Nana are introduced to the class and the only power revealed is that of the girl: the ability to read minds. Nana is immediately drawn to Nanao, who is always trying to go unnoticed. Nana continues to follow Nanao, always insisting on his great kindness and pure mind, and encouraging him to become the leader he always wanted to be. As the first partner to pay attention to her, Nanao's heart begins to open a little.

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Such is the case when, in an accident in which Moguo, one of his companions, loses control, Nanao's secrets are revealed and his great ability, which was believed to not exist, is revealed. Now he is recognized as a true "talent" and rules as the leader of the class. All thanks to what Nana came into his life and filled him with confidence to continue fighting for his goals. And so Nanao begins his new life, with Nanao by his side, to always support him or ... to push him off a cliff?


Nanao is a very special boy. He is kind, intelligent, and has very useful powers. However, he doesn't have a lot of social skills. He is unable to connect with another person, which makes it very difficult for him to achieve the qualifications he needs to achieve the goal his father set him: to be a leader. The day he followed in the footsteps of a true leader, something hit him very hard. This is how this interesting series begins.

The fall season 2020 begins and brings us very interesting titles. We already have the inevitable sequels to major series as well as the immortal Isekai who always finds a place on television programs. But new adaptations are also seeking their place in the hearts of anime fans, and that is the case with them Munou na Nana, with a beginning that already puts us on hold.

Chapter 1 of Munou na Nana It just starts and presents its world, its protagonist and its ambitions. So we have a classic story of a seemingly weak normal boy who goes to special school and surprises everyone when his true potential is revealed. A formula that has already been repeated ad nauseam, but there is a phrase at the end that could make a difference from the others.

The talent

The concept of the series is simple: people with powers in school who teach them to use them. More precisely, teenagers with powers. Chosen for these great skills, they are invited to move to this remote island to learn and train. All expenses are covered by government funds, and this gives your future heroes a chance to grow without worry.

All this attention, of course, has great consequences for the attitudes of the students. In this case one would expect a large ego and an arrogant attitude; a function that is even specifically mentioned in Chapter 1 of Munou na Nana. However, there are many loopholes in all the paraphernalia the institute (or high school) makes available to its students to motivate them. What's the real reason they exercise?

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Invisible enemy

As with almost every streak of high school kids with powers taught to use them, we have enemies. In some they are other people with powers, in others they are amorphous CGI beings threatening humanity with extinction. This last case is that of Munou na Nana, Or not? The truth is that it is very difficult to believe in their existence when the teacher who is trying to convince you that these beings are dangerous tells you that he has never seen one.

However, for adolescents with a superiority complex, it is enough to say that it is enough to feed the ego and continue on the path taken. They need a reason to get stronger, and the belief that "the enemies of mankind" exist is enough for them. Only they can save the world and only they can defeat it.

However, we must remember that the non-existence of "The Enemies of Mankind" is only one of the options. It is also possible that they exist, but that they are not deformed monsters when painted. This reminds me of an episode in a famous futuristic anthology series of technological dystopias in which, in one episode, perfect soldiers were created by removing the entire humanity of their enemies from their vision to be murdered without remorse.

Without talent

The protagonist of Munou na Nana I think it's nanao. In the first half of the series, he is believed to be a person without powers, but he is still studying in such a place. Strange don't you think? How would such a show invite a boy without powers to a place where boys with powers are gathered? I don't have much sense. And that is a contradiction that Nana immediately recognizes.

So the title of chapter 1 of Munou na Nana (and the one from the anime itself) does not refer to Nakajima Nanao, but to Hiiragi Nana himself. In the end it turns out that he is unable to read minds, but only has a great ability to trigger. This enables him to disguise his ability in a supernatural power and infiltrate the Isle of the Talented.

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Did I say infiltrate? Yes. Nana treats all talents as "enemies" so she is there to destroy them and save humanity (considering what her phone is saying). So, is Nana one of the "enemies of mankind" that the talented so badly want to fight? Perhaps. While it seems to me that there are two sides treating each other as enemies of humanity, in essence both are just humans. Will there be a third one?


Chapter 1 of Munou na Nana He introduced us to his world and started the plot that we will see in the 13 episodes in which this adaptation will last. While I really enjoyed the chapter, I think it's too early to begin judging the series. It's true that it seems like a fairly generic series with simple animation (though not bad). However, you need to remember that these stories are very common only because they work. Clichés are clichés because they never fail.

However, we will be following this streak closely for the next 3 months. The manga has a good reputation so the customization promises a lot. It has a little bit of everything: powers, suspense, puzzles, and a crazy pink waifu. What more can we ask for? Now tell me what do you think about chapter 1 of Munou na Nana?


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