Are you ready for ONE PIECE number 1000? The chapter of the manga with three zeros will appear in late 2020 according to the intentions of Eiichiro Oda. Of course, there is still room for several breaks that will force the mangaka to publish this chapter in early 2021, possibly in January. However, there is no problem waiting an extra week.

Meanwhile, ONE PIECE's official report has started the countdown to 1000, which will unlock tomorrow and score a -9 with the release of Chapter 991. In this way, given the attention paid to this publication, which will already be epoch-making, readers must expect a truly legendary chapter. To understand what to expect Let's go over the two-zero chapters of ONE PIECE.

  • ONE PIECE 100, entitled "The Legend Begins", Luffy manages to escape from Smoker to Logue Town, where he was supposed to be executed thanks to the intervention of a mysterious man named Dragon. Thanks for that, He and his crew will definitely be sailing towards Rotta Maggiore.
  • A PIECE 200 entitled "Luffy the aquatic" starts with that last showdown between Luffy and Crocodilewith the straw hat pirate who uses water to make the enemy within reach.
  • ONE PIECE 300 entitled "Symphony". The Skypea saga ends.
  • ONE PIECE 400 entitled "The Keys to Freedom". The Clashes between Mugiwara and CP9.
  • ONE PIECE 500 entitled "Fire beneath the ashes of history". The arrival at the auction house Shabondy, presentation by Eustass Kidd, Trafalgar Law and especially by Silver Rayleigh.
  • ONE PIECE 600 entitled "The island of the new departure". As one of the first chapters after the time jump, the crew reunited while Luffy has just arrived on the archipelago.
  • A PIECE 700 entitled "At his own pace". The Dressrosa saga beginswith the arrival of the crew near the island.
  • A PIECE 800 entitled "The Cups of Affiliated Companies" begins here great alliance between Luffy and the men who will give life to his fleet.
  • ONE PIECE 900 entitled "Bad End Musical". Big Mom devours the cake in ecstasy when the Thousand Sunny appears to sink after a few cannonball shots.

There are some of these that may be more significant than others, but in general they are all very important to the economy of your saga. What do you expect from ONE PIECE 1000??

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