The use of the Computer generated animation has changed the work of some animation studios and breathed life into heavily criticized works, such as 2016’s Berserk, cherished as the final season of Attack on Titan. Yasuhiro Nightow, creator of Trigun and involved in the anime reboot, has also exposed himself to this topic Trigun: Stampede.

The surprise caused by the announcement of the return of one of the most popular series of the second half of the 90s was accompanied by many doubts that longtime fans immediately harbored regarding the introduction of CG animation. During the’anime exhibition However, some of the central characters of the production and Nightow himself had the opportunity to discuss this choice, which will inevitably change the style of the Vash the Stampede universe.

From what was admitted by the Producer Wakiit all started as the same Nightow suggested some concept art and renewed character designs, and then, only after careful evaluation by director Muto, it was decided to hire a designer capable of animating these illustrations. The creator himself then commented: “When they started developing this Trigun, I saw how They took elements from my manga to expand, adapt, restructure, to be redesigned and to be deepened from various aspects. They’re also trying to increase the quality of the series.”

Words that show how confident Nightow is of the results and how the originality of Trigun: Stampede might surprise fans.

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