After the defeat of Cell, the world of Dragon Ball entered an era of peace and tranquility and this allowed Gohan to finally concentrate on his studies. In high school he decided to enroll in an institute in Satan City where he met the beautiful Videl, daughter of Mr. Satan, who did not take long to reveal the secret of the Saiyan half.

Videl introduced herself as a girl with i long hair gathered in two pigtails that came down to the side of her face. Throughout the very first phase of this saga of Dragon Ball Z it presented itself in this way, accompanied by a white and pink shirt and black and short shorts. After the first training with Gohan, however, under the boy's suggestion, Videl changed his hairstyle and at the next session he presented himself with very short hair.

THE Dragon Ball Z fans on Twitter and Instagram then started a discussion which version of Videl is the best. To start it was Ken Xyro who, on his Instagram page, showed how fans like Videl with pigtails more: the result of the survey was one overwhelming 68% against 32%. Obviously, the versions of Videl of Dragon Ball Super were not taken into consideration, but only those of the Dragon Ball Z saga of Majin Bu. Furthermore, not many know that the girl had to have completely different hairstyles according to the first sketches of Akira Toriyama .

And you, on the other hand, which of the two Videl do you appreciate most? Just recently, Yoselin dedicated a very sexy cosplay to Videl.

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