The name change from Holly and Benji to Captain Tsubasa was undoubtedly traumatic for many fans who like this nomenclature that has been in place since the 80s of the last century. No more Newppy than Nankatsu, his name is not Oliver Hutton, alias Holly, but Tsubasa Oozora.

This change obviously affected everyone from teams and schools to major and minor characters. After seeing the changes in the main characters of Holly and Benji and the various teams, we see those of the historical rivals of the Japanese captain and some friends.

  • Julian Ross is Jun Misugi, the glass master;;
  • Patricia "Patty" Gatsby is Sanae Nakazawa, Nankatsu's Cheer Captain and then the protagonist's girlfriend;
  • Phillip Clalaghan is Hikaru Matsuyama, a Hokkaido defensive ace;
  • Ed Warner is Ken Wakashimazu, the former karateka goalkeeper;;
  • Paul Diamond is Mamoru Izawa, a member of the Nankatsu attack;
  • Johnny Mason as Teppei Kisugi, another Nankatsu striker;
  • Ted Carter is Hajime Taki, another offensive element of the main cast;
  • Patrick Everett as Shun Nitta, Otomo's nervous rival;
  • Danny Mellow is Takeshi Sawada, historically best friend of Mark Lenders / Kojiro Hyuga;
  • Ralph Peterson is Makoto Soda, aka Champion Killer;
  • Clifford Yuma as Hiroshi Jito, the rocky defender;
  • Sandy Winters is Mitsuru Sano, Jito / Yuma's teammate, with whom he created many combinations.

So many names have changed and for many, the original will be less catchy and memorable.

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