With the Chapter 66 of Dragon Ball Super The Molo saga has come to an end. But before the coveted graduation, Goku has achieved a new transformation, one of the strangest that has ever appeared in Akira Toriyama's fight.

After the possibility of redemption offered by Goku, Molo merged with the earth itself and risked the destruction of the entire planet. Even Goku's Ultra Perfect Instinct doesn't seem to be effective against this new form of wizard who absorbs life energy from enemies. In Chapter 66 of Dragon Ball Super, the Z Warriors they seem to be nearing the end. They seem when Yardrat Vegeta learned a powerful new technique, "splitting the mind" while training on the planet.

The Saiyan prince cannot use his new ability to separate Molo from Earth, but if he uses it on his longtime rival, he can acquire a new move that does not yet have an official callsign. Goku can now create his own gigantic alter ego made of energyBy creating a hole in Molo's defense, the original shape can destroy the gem on the antagonist's forehead.

I agree as for spherical energyThis technology also requires energy that is supplied by other living beings. In fact, the Z warriors, accompanied by Uub, had to lend their forces to Goku so that he could defeat Molo once and for all. The clash with Molo in Dragon Ball Super 66 has reserved many other surprises.

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