On January 8th, NieR Automata Ver 1.1a debuted on Crunchyroll. But how many weeks will A-1 Pictures' animated series, inspired by Yoko Taro's famous video game, keep viewers company? Here is the duration ofNieR Automata anime.

Based on information that surfaced online in the weeks leading up to release, NieR Automata was expected to last 12 episodes. This news now appears to have been partially denied. On the other hand, you adapt a video game with the narrative density of NieR Automata in just 12 episodes it seemed insufficient.

According to the Japanese service GYAO! NieR Automata Ver 1.1a will not continue in the spring season. The 12 episodes of the anime series will air until the end of March 2023, but that doesn't mean that production by Aniplex and A-1 Pictures will end.

there The first season of NieR Automata Ver 1.1a will be divided into two courses, with the release of the second to be announced at a later date. Part 2 of the anime NieR Automata could return with 12 more episodes in the summer. However, we remind you that A-1 Pictures is carrying out many other projects and that therefore the second course of the 2B and 9S adventure could probably also be postponed to autumn 2023. Meanwhile, the controversy surrounding NieR Automata Ver 1.1's 3DCG doesn't appease them.

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