The chaotic phase of the annihilation game takes place on multiple battlefields and therefore keeps some of the protagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen on their toes, at least those who survive. Kenjaku's plan continues to progress, but Yuji, Yuta, and Megumi managed to organize a strategy to counter it.

This requires a lot of points in the deadly tournament and because of this, both Yuji and Megumi had the task of convincing those who had more than 100 points to introduce a rule that would result in players trading the points they received be able. With Higuruma's conviction, the game of jujutsu kaisen has changed dramatically. Even in the final chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuta was able to take advantage of it after defeating Uro and Ishigori.

The two give Yuta their points, and according to a narration text, Yuta has now reached 200 points. However, many fans pointed out to author Gege Akutami on Twitter that the count was wrong. The same mangaka then apologized and pointed this out Yuta has 190 points and not 200, seized by the heat, he got the bill wrong. So the scenario changes slightly, but the plan can still go ahead. And now it's another colony's turn.

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