The first major battle in the final saga of ONE PIECE is about to wear out. In chapter 1063 of the manga, Eiichiro Oda brought back into action one of the already known emperors from the past who, after hearing about the fall of Kaido and Big Mom in Wano, seems only interested in gathering information about the Poignee Griffe .

Marshall D. Teaching, known as the fearsome Blackbeard, is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous men in the world, and after stealing the powers of the gura-gura fruit from Whitebeard at the end of the war for supremacy in Marineford, he has managed to intoxicate his men even more make powerful. During the attack on Trafalgar D. Law, the Emperor also attacks the Heart Pirates in an unspecified area Doc-Q, Van Auger and Jesus Burgess all have new powers and come from other fruits of the devil.

Burgess, captain of Blackbeard's first pirate ship, owns the fruit Riki Riki which gives him superhuman strength. Doc-Q, Captain of the Ninth Ship, owns the Shiku Shiku Fruit with which it can infect people with various diseases, such as the disease that changes the gender of Law and his companions. Van Ooger took it Wapu Wapu fruit through which he can teleport himself and others. Eventually, even Doc-Q's horse has acquired the powers of the mythological Pegasus-model zoo fruit.

It's about very dangerous forces, which Law says they found during the hunt for the Devil's Fruits launched by Blackbeard himself, also considering the Captain's mysterious ability to steal them or transfer them from one person to another. What do you think of this disturbing news about Blackbeard's pirates? Tell us in the comments. We leave you to the images of Chapter 1064 of ONE PIECE.

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