The expected rate of return of Hunter X Hunter is imminent and Shueisha has announced another surprise for opera fans. Some past chapters from Togashi's work are reloaded on MangaPlus, the publisher's official website, where the last chapters of the current series can be read legally and free of charge every week.

The news was shared by @gaak_fr on social networks via the post reported below, where this is further confirmed Chapter 391, arrived at the site on October 23, 2022 at 5:00 will be possible to have free access to reading chapters from 381 to 390.

It covers all of the contents of Volume 37, the cover of which was presented, and is a way of making it easier to get back to reading theStory arc of the competition for the successorin which Kurapika is involved as the bodyguard of Queen Oito Hui Guo Rou to get close to the last owner of the Kurata clan's eyes: Prince Tserriendnich.

From October 23rd and for the following three weeksthe relevant chapters remain in the free tier is offered by the platform and will be included in the paid package from November 14, 2022. Finally, we leave you with the first spoilers of Chapter 391 of Hunter x Hunter.

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