The X of Swords crossover event has just ended. In the meantime, the numerous fans of the stories of mutants were able to read the first Volume dedicated to SWORDIn particular, the work focused on a new group of protagonists.

In particular, it is de The sixCharacters whose skills allow them to travel in space. Her skills are therefore particularly well suited to finding cosmic artifacts, objects that have been at the center of the Marvel saga over the decades. The most important are the Stones of infinity, also used by Thanos in the MCU movie saga. The group, led by Abigail Brand, could therefore be the focus of the upcoming crossover events, even if so far we could only admire their test mission, which was organized in such a way that Magneto understands its power.

The Six are successful, delivering a certain object to their future leader that is apparently harmless: it's a small metal pyramid that is cold to the touch, but contains an unattainable power. All that's left is to wait for that upcoming editions of SWORD In the meantime, to find out how this can affect, check out our news where we talk about the marriage of two characters from X of Swords.

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