In the series Dragon Ball Z Akira Toriyama introduced the Saiyan race, warriors with a very high fighting strength that enabled them to conquer planets and exterminate entire populations. After the destruction of the planet Vegeta, only a few managed to survive and avoid total extinction by gods. Sons.

First of all we find the examples of Goku and Vegeta who gave birth to gods by starting a family with Chihi and Bulma respectively Saiyan "half-blood"which nonetheless proved extremely powerful on the battlefield. On linear consideration, one might think that Gohan, Trunks, and Goten have roughly half the power that was genetically inherited from their fathers, but that claim has never proven true.

Saiyajins are destined to become warriors from birthand they can improve their physical abilities and skills through hard training and significantly increase their fighting strength even through defeat. Goku and Vegeta have now reached an impressive level. However, it appears that the encounter between human and Saiyan blood took place allowed half-breeds to achieve a higher basic strength.

Gohan, for example, was already very promising despite his young age, both during the saga on the planet Namek and especially during the tournament organized by Cell. Reach the second level of Super Saiyan before anyone elseeven Goku himself. Although the hybrids can reach impressive levels of power relatively easily, their human nature makes them less vulnerable to fighting than pure Saiyans.

So if the mixed race follow a continuous training and want to improve like the pure Saiyajins, sure You can reach or even exceed their level. What do you think of this comparison? Do you think Gohan could hypothetically overcome Goku? Let us know with a comment below.

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