in the sixth anime season of My Hero Academia the war between heroes and villains has broken out. Stunned by the sudden onslaught, the Supernatural Liberation Front men fell back. However, the advance of the heroes appears to be halting over the course of the next installment in the series.

In My Hero Academia 6x03, the villains greet one of their generals. falcon killed twice, Danger number one because of his powerful Quirk. In the next episode, however, the winged hero has to face his nemesis Daby. The villain from the blue flames has almost completely burned No.2's feathers and is about to end his life in My Hero Academia 6x04.

The fourth episode of season six will return to shine the spotlight on Jaku Hospital, which the team passed by Endeavor is trying to get Dr. to catch Garaki. While the Flame Hero deals with numerous high-ranking Nomu, some of his colleagues try to rush to the aid of Mirko, who alone launched the attack on the mad scientist.

Mirko is badly injured, but the key to defeating the High End Nomu has been found. The monstrous creations undergo theEraser Quirk by Eraserhead. Professor Aizawa is the only one who can resolve the situation. However, the legacy of evil is about to awaken.

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