The timing of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero makes the community fight. In the film, both Pan, Goten and Trunks have come of age, a symptom of the events chronologically following those of the Moro and Granolah saga. However, this won't be the case - here's why.

A recent Japanese show wreaked havoc on the community. When will Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero be discontinued? Let's start off by saying that the story of the next movie will tie into Dragon Ball Super.

TOEI Animation has chosen to do this Separate anime and manga permanently from Dragon Ball Super. These have always been two distinct and diversified products. If in Toyotaros paperwork, in the end Tournament of Power We've witnessed the fight with Moro and now the fight with the Heeters, the anime will take a completely different path. Therefore, if you thought you were going to see Vegeta Ultra Ego and Goku Ultra Instinct, you will be disappointed.

The action of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero takes place on Earth, immediately after the fight with Broly. In the canonicity of the animated adaptation, immediately after the Tournament of Power, the battle with the legendary Super Saiyan begins, and then the battle with the Red Ribbon.

When the anime returns, it will not forget the two manga sagas mentioned above. However, one will be created Conflict about chronological order and the ages of the characters. However, how the matter is handled and the reason for this confusion is a mystery.

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