After stealing the show from Comicon with Dandadan's announcement, J-POP manga officially presents the releases of May 4th. Among the novelties of the BD Editions label we find two collector's boxes that fans cannot miss.

J-POP Manga just released Dance Dance Danseur, but another great manga series is coming soon. From May 4th is the The Iron Hero box set. This contains all four volumes of Ryo Smiyoshi's steampunk work.

The iron hero plays in a World where everyone is born with four arms, two of them made of metal. When a demon threatens to destroy humanity. A boy named Ashidaka, mistreated by everyone for being born with all four arms made of metal, gathers a group of fighters ready to stop the demon.

Featuring J-POP Manga, also May 4, pword Art Online Progressive - Barcarole of Froth Box Vol. 1-2. In this box the reader will find the first two editions of the new edition of Reki Kawahara's work. After facing the Sword Art Online beta test, Kirito and Asuna are ready to face the game's official release. However, there seems to be something wrong.

Among the ongoing series we find:

  • Freeze - Beyond the end of the journey 5;
  • Hanako kun - The Seven Mysteries of Kamome 16 Academy;
  • Kowloon Generic Romance 5;
  • Zombie 100 - Volume 8;
  • BJ Alex - Box 4 (Vol. 7-8);
  • The window of Orpheus 8.

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