The Odyssey of Naruto it was not characterized solely by the adventures of its protagonist, as the author Masashi Kishimoto was particularly skilled in weaving some interesting subplots inherent in the main characters. Among them, of course, Kakashi Hatake stands out, the future Sesto Hokage.

The Ninja Copier, one of the many nicknames attributed to him, has often been at the center of numerous events, some of which have strongly brought him to death. With time, Kakashi he learned to be appreciated by the public, thanks above all to the potential of sharingan given to him at the end of his life by Obito. His combative and strategic skills, combined with the iconic powers of the Uchiha Clan, made him a true genius of war, a talent that earned him even the place of Hokage during the last Great Ninja War. To date, the character is not only one of the most popular of the franchise, but also one of the darlings of Kohei Horikoshi, father of My Hero Academia.

In this regard, recently, DT Studio wanted to pay homage to Kakashi in a scale model to say the least extraordinary, the same that you can admire in the gallery of images attached at the bottom of the news. The figure in question, about 47 cm high, is proposed to the public at remarkable figure of 347 euros, to which are added any shipping costs. The price, however, is justified by a crazy attention to detail. Currently, the statuette can be pre-ordered on the official website while supplies last, with shipping expected in September.

And you, however, what do you think of this extraordinary figure, do you like it? Tell us yours, as always, with a comment below.

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