L'Episode 246 of Boruto It might be remembered as one of the finest and most important of the entire work, but instead it will remain etched in fans' memories for an uncomfortable reason. Studio Pierrot's animations caused some debate, but one of the animators explained what really happened.

After a great fight, which is also well done visually, Funamushi Funato kills Kagura. For the first time in episode 246, Boruto is faced with the loss of a companion, whom fans had already dubbed as Chojuro's successor to the title Mizukage.

However, the exciting event was eclipsed bad animations staged by Studio Pierrot. Boruto's scream has gone viral in the community, which has overshadowed the demise of the ninja of the mist to focus on how poorly done the protagonists' facial animations were. General, the whole episode has several gaps and fans didn't fail to point out that Studio Pierrot had screwed up yet again, some even offensively.

However, there is a reason behind these animations and to give fans an explanation is one of the animators responsible for the episode. On his Twitter, Vinicius Diaz apologized to the audience and revealed this suffer from tendonitis and having scars on the brachial bicep inserts of the left arm. But not only that, the animator also has inflamed wrists and has recently faced it COVID-19.

Despite all that physical pain, Vincius Diaz still got his weekly job done, which he is deserves respect from the spectators.

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