The World Coronation Series is proving to be one of the most important events of Ash Ketchum's entire career, now projected to the height of the tournament. In the next episodes of Pokemon: Explorations Great returnees will also feature, including a great expert from the Kanto region flanked by a legendary Shiny Pokémon.

In the second generation of video games dedicated to pocket monsters, the Shiny Pokemoncharacterized by a different color from the other specimens of the species and by the high rarity that has gradually decreased over the years.

In order to associate players with this novelty, which was also a way of realizing the potential of the Game Boy Color, the player had to go to the plot of the Lake of Wrath where he would have met and in Pokémon Silver, Gold and Crystal had the opportunity to capture a Red Gyarados.

Today this Gyarados has become a landmark of the series and soon, as expected from the promotional images in the latest issue of Animedia, which you can find below, will return to Lance's side, during the World Coronation Series. Lance, Elite Four in Kanto and Champion in Generation II, also appeared in the anime's latest official key visual and is currently in fourth place in the tournament, a position that could see him facing off against Ash.

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