In 2022, after a long time, the time has come has revived the animated saga of Dragon Ball Super with a completely new project. Following the 2018 film Broly, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero landed in Japan, takes place a few years later and on Earth, with two protagonists who had recently been eliminated from the major battles.

Gohan and Piccolo are finally dating new protagonists at the expense of Goku and Vegetaset aside temporarily. So on an animated level, Dragon Ball is back. Instead, at the comic level, it never stopped thanks to the work of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro who kept the manga always alive month after month with many clashes and characters. However, when the Granolah saga was over, the manga also focused on the new androids and the clash with the newborn Red Ribbon.

But it really was required the saga of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in the manga? For example, the Broly film was completely marginalized without any adaptation and only lightly mentioned in a couple of vignettes in the Molo saga. Instead, this time Toyotaro and Toriyama decided to do a short prequel with adult Goten and Trunks and protagonists and then a full adaptation of the film.

Considering that the film deals with other characters, the answer is yes: with this saga, even in the manga It will be a must to use Gohan, Piccolo, Goten and Trunks, which with all her new powers makes her canon in this timeline as well. With the introduction on the pages of V-Jump, Toyotaro will be more free to use the quartet in future Dragon Ball Super sagas to open up new scenarios. Now the release of Dragon Ball Super 92 is approaching, with another fight planned, always dedicated to the saga of the new Red Ribbon.

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