The official website for the anime adaptation of Sai Sumimori's captivating light novels, "Am I Actually the Strongest?" (Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita?), written and illustrated by Ai Takahashi, has just released its second promotional video. Premiering Soon... An Anime Journey into a World of Magic and Power!

Scheduled Premiere and Musical Themes

Mark your calendars for July 1st, as this highly anticipated anime is set to make its debut in Japan. The promotional video offers a sneak peek into the enchanting musical themes that await.

  • Lezel will enthrall us with the opening theme, "Reset Life?", while Star★Shiμ’ne!!! will take us on a delightful journey with the ending theme, "Himi CHU★Pre-Love Magic".

Exciting Voice Cast Additions

Prepare to be amazed by the talented voice cast that brings the characters to life. Notable additions include:

  • Nobutoshi Canna as the valiant skeletal knight Johnny,
  • Chitose Morinaga as the towering golem Gigan,
  • Yuko Kaida as the knowledgeable professor Oratoria Belgam,
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto as the charismatic vice-president Scheneider Halfen,
  • Yuu Kobayashi as the enigmatic Hiselotte Orteus, Hart's true mother and the consort of the king.

Westward Distribution and Publishing

For fans outside of Japan, Crunchyroll will handle the distribution of the anime adaptation. Sai Sumimori, the mastermind behind the enthralling light novels, began publishing them in May 2019 through Kodansha.

Additionally, Ai Takahashi's manga adaptation has been captivating readers digitally on Suiyoubi no Sirius since April 2019.

Intriguing Characters and Production Team

Step into a world of wonder with the voice talents:

  • Ayumu Murase as Hart Zenfis, a shut-in who is reborn as an abandoned baby in another world,
  • Atsumi Tanezaki as Charlotte Zenfis, Hart's younger sister,
  • Ayaka Shimizu as Flay, a Fenrir who becomes Hart's devoted servant after a fateful incident.

The anime's production team features the expertise of:

  • Takashi Naoya (known for works like Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru and Tales of Wedding Rings) as the director at Staple Entertainment.
  • Tatsuya Takahashi (renowned for Val x Love and The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls) will handle scriptwriting and supervision in collaboration with Tetsuya Yamada (known for Val x Lover).
  • Shouko Yasuda (responsible for Happy Sugar Life and My Happy Marriage) will weave her creative talents into character design and animation direction.

Am I Actually the Strongest?

A Spellbinding Synopsis

Prepare for an extraordinary adventure. Imagine being reincarnated in another world with the promise of an incredible power, only to be born as a seemingly powerless baby, abandoned by your own parents. Join Reinhart, affectionately known as Hart, as he embarks on a perilous journey through a treacherous realm.

Luckily, he possesses a magic that is truly extraordinary!

Don't Miss the Excitement!

Stay tuned for the thrilling premiere of "Am I Actually the Strongest?" anime adaptation. Immerse yourself in a world of magic, danger, and self-discovery.

For more information, visit the official source: Comic Natalie.


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