The The first episode of Oshi no Ko was movie-worthy. With a duration of ninety minutes, the new work of the Doga Kobo studio has impressed viewers around the world, it is no coincidence that it was the most anticipated anime of spring 2023 and also the third season of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba hit .

In ninety minutes, the whole story of Ai Hoshino has unraveled, the idol of high hopes who has not yet fully formed himself in the ruthless world of Japanese industry, but who is already confronted with the pregnancy of twins at the age of sixteen. There Oshi no Ko story, conceived by Aka Akasaka (former writer of Kaguya-sama: Love is War) and in the original manga drawn by Yokoyari Mengo, however, will not go in the direction that many think. A mix of thrillers and unexpected events dominates this very long first installment that leaves many moving and special sensations.

The first episode of Oshi no Ko captivated everyone, but not only on MyAnimeList. Obviously they couldn't miss them all Reactions on Twitter, with tons of fans rushing to comment on what they had seen with the hashtag trending for a few hours. Below are some comments, all of which applaud the Doga Kobo studio for their work in adapting the story of Akasaka and Mengo perfectly, faithfully recreating it but letting the anime shine in its own light and give it the right time to give every scene and every figure. Songs, music, recordings: everything seems to be perfect in the first episode.

The Reaction on Twitter to Oshi no Ko are a signal, will this be the most followed anime of the Spring 2023 season, or will there be a rival to steal the scepter along the way?

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