Finally the Navy has made its move. Not wasting any more time, Vice Admiral Garp has gathered a fearless group of soldiers with a desire to rescue Koby, her companion and colleague who was kidnapped by Blackbeard's crew after Amazon Lily's attack. And thanks to them, another war begins ONE PIECE.

Although some of them were at least apparently unconvinced to leave after the initial meeting near Egghead at G-5 base, the Navy's SWORD Detachment rushed into the attack by taking up positions in Hachinosu, Blackbeard's main territory. landed. And so other characters appeared with their powers. Other soldiers from this particular fringe of the Navy have actually landed on the island besides Koby.

There's Koby with his big bounty, but after him the first to appear was KujakuNephew of Marine Tsuru, possessed of the Muchi Muchi fruit and able to command objects to move by whipping them. Then there is Hibari, the girl who feels a deep affection for Koby and is equipped with a very special gun that shoots flower bullets that disable enemies' weapons. Terrible is also the power of the "Prince" Prince Grus, who has eaten the Gunyo Gunyo Fruit and can create Tongolems, whether they are faithful replicas of himself or other soldiers. Eventually, albeit briefly, Helmeppo, Koby's longtime accomplice, also appears, but Tashigi also joins the attack.

And finally, that's how it was in this fight The legendary Monkey D. Garp was also involved. The Vice Admiral makes his last move and turns the battlefield upside down. What will be the fate of Garp and Koby during this war with an Emperor's pirates?

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