The anime's final handful of episodes have finally won over the fandom: When it comes to the heart of the action, Boruto: Naruto the next generations it is in no way inferior to Masashi Kishimoto's central work. Sending the community into jujube soup is this time the battle between the new Team 7 and one of Karas Interiors.

After the seventh Hokage was defeated and imprisoned by Jigen, Boruto and Kawaki finally teamed up to undertake a rescue mission. They combined their karma and, in the company of Sarada and Mitsuki, reached the place where it is kept Naruto separated, a mysterious parallel dimension that Boro keeps under control.

The first skirmish with Kara's bat knocked out almost the whole bunch of papers. In addition to a strong regenerative power, Boro has a mysterious technique, a kind of virus that hovers in the air and cannot be absorbed by karma. The interior looks aloof, but the guys from the new Team 7 already have it learned a move in return.

However, the young ninja's counterattack sends Boro, who is on the sidelines reveals its true properties. His body, full of scientific ninja instruments, turns into a kind of squid. He starts again stronger than ever, but this time Sarada uses the new Jutsu that he learned from his father Chidori. This scene in particular is different from the manga. In the paper version, Sarada has one Sharingan with three tomoewhile in the anime there are only two tomoe in his eyes. This is not the first time that Sasuke and Sakura's daughter has been mistreated, even in episode 206 of Boruto, controversy arose over Sarada's treatment.

Additionally, the differences between anime and manga are minimal as we can see in comparison at the end of the article. The 207 episode of the anime encompasses the events of the manga from Chapter 42 to about the middle of Chapter 43. The rest of Chapter 43 will be adjusted in the next round. Here's a preview of Boruto 208.

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