Already during the first saga of Dragon Ball greatWith Beerus' first appearance, the sequel had immediately put Vegeta's transformation at the end of the fight with Majin Buu into the spotlight. Undoubtedly, his wife Bulma contributed to the development of our hero.

The relationship between Bulma and Vegeta has been fundamental to the prince of the Saiyans since the historical friend of Son Goku it helped the proud warrior settle down on earth despite the character's warlike disposition. During the fight with Majin Buuand later with Dragon Ball Super, on a number of occasions we've seen the prince react to almost every time he's come face to face with death.

As you can see in two excerpts at the end of the news, let's actually see Vegeta's only recommendations to his son about to plunge into what appears to be a deadly confrontation. The prince greets tribes in a cold but sweet way, inviting him to take care of both his mother and his wife. These simple scenes only underscore the Saiyan's recent transformation, a hero who now fights to protect something dear to his heart.

And you on the other hand, what do you think of Vegeta's development due to his relationship with Bulma? Let us know with a comment below.

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